Getting juiced with X.O.I.

By Julie Kramer

“Linh Tran joined me this morning to talk about X.O.I., which is introducing the Vietnamese gac superfruit to the U.S. Fascinating and delicious. Listen!” Listen Here.

This Juice Company Uses the Superfood You’ve Never Heard About

“While X.O.I’s founding mission was a social one, Tran says the spiky red fruit is a nutritional powerhouse, too. Equivalent amounts of the fruit are said to have 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes, and 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots. It’s also believed to be good for anti-aging and skincare…” Read More

The Dish: Brown Grads Blend Vietnamese Gac Fruit into X.O.I. Juices

“In Vietnam, the gac fruit is used at festivals and weddings, mixed into sticky rice in a dish that’s called xoi gac,” says Tran. “It’s a way to give a blessing for prosperity and happiness, and that’s what our company name stands for.” … Read More

Member Spotlight: X.O.I is here.

“For these recent Brown University alumni, what started as a summer research trip on ethnic inequality in Vietnam, filled with late night conversations about rural development and social justice, has turned into a company with a social mission, sustainable supply chain, and an innovative new product introducing the Gac superfruit to the American masses” … Read More

Top 4 Trends In The Beverage Industry

“Many of the top selling drinks today were virtually unheard of a few years ago. In this pivotal time to be in the beverage market, here are the top 4 changes we’re seeing” … Read More

A Fruitful Endeavor

With brilliant orange and spiky outer skin, the gac fruit is the size of a cantaloupe, its inner flesh fiery red and known to be richer in beta-carotene and lycopene than other fruits or vegetables. … Read More

Boston & Providence: Tailor Your Own Internship Experience

The X.O.I Internship Program is a selective, immersive experience for students and recent graduates who want to dive head first into a beverage startup in Boston. For 10 weeks during the Fall semester, interns will work directly with the founders of X.O.I to get a taste of what running a startup really entails.

You’ll interact directly with customers and lead your own mini-project in an area that you’re interested in exploring. Apply now by emailing your resume and short answer to

Learn more

Food Startups Podcast, Episode 90

“Will you help me bring this fruit to the US?” – Linh and Myron of XOI talk with Matt Aaron in episode 90 of the Food Startups Podcast … Listen Here

BevNet Interview with Linh and Myron

XOI co-founders stopped by BevNET HQ to discuss their recently launched line of gac fruit beverages. The Boston-based company utilizes the Vietnamese gac fruit, which has multiple functional benefits… Read More

XOI: A Superjuice Made From Gac

We officially raised $34,611! Thank you so much for your support– we could not have done this without you all!…..Read More

Student Venture Earns Embark Fellowship

The Brown Daily Herald, APRIL 2015

Last month, XOI, founded by Myron Lam ’15 and Linh Tran ’15, earned one of the Swearer Center for Public Service’s three Embark Fellowships……. Read More

The Next Big Fruit Juice?

Brown Alumni Magazine, JULY 2015

Get ready: the gac could be the next big thing in fruit. A coconut-sized, strawberry-red bulb, it grows on vines throughout Southeast Asia and China…….Read More 

Lam ’15, Tran ’15 in Campus Spotlight

Swearer Center for Public Service, APRIL 2015

The Social Innovation Initiative is excited to announce that three student-founded ventures have been selected for the Embark Post-Graduate Fellowship……. Read More

Brown Celebrates Social Innovation Fellows

Social Innovation Initiative, DECEMBER 2014

Last week, we held our first ever graduation ceremony to celebrate and reflect on the journeys of the 2014 Social Innovation Fellows……. Read More

2014 Royce Fellows Tackle Bold Ideas, Take Time to Listen

Brown University, APRIL 2014

Every spring, up to twenty students at Brown are inducted into the Society of Royce Fellows, each receiving an award of $4,000 to pursue a research……. Read More 

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